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2 Houses, to my Birthday! :)

Hey Guys,

because my birthday was yesterday, i made you a gift! :)

so here we have 2 of my houses, i built last year and didn't want to complete them ;) so feel free to do so ;)
(all furniture, pics, etc is included)





Hugs, Delia! :)

Little Update!


today i have a little update with a few recolors:

here are the first: 
3 white wood recolors of Impish Parody's Attics:
Unbenannt 2

Meshes are here: http://www.blackpearlsims.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1787
my Recolors here: http://www.mediafire.com/?amu16u464hfbuho

and my matching nursery recolors:
Unbenannt 4


Meshes are by Buggybooz (Commode, Crib) and by Mira (Dresser) and included
My Recolors are here: http://www.mediafire.com/?md2d9hfjberr6wx

HUGS and xxx, Delia
Hey lovely Sims-Community!

I made 116 Recolors of Jane's "It will last longer" Frames :)
Most Recolors were from my houses, all Recolors are pictured here:
Untitled 1

Untitled 3

Untitled 4

Untitled 6
Untitled 7

Untitled 10
Untitled 12
Untitled 13
Untitled 14
Untitled 15
Untitled 17
Untitled 21
Untitled 9

Untitled 2

Mesh is here: http://threadandsandpaper.dreamwidth.org/1871.html
my recolors here: http://www.mediafire.com/?hpfstmtt2se37j8

xxxx, Delia

Oct. 20th, 2012

Hey Sims-Community,

here are "a few" Recolors of my favorite Toy: the 8-3 Pig :)
Hope you enjoy it! It comes in 67 shapes :)
Unbenannt 8

Mesh is by 8-3 and included :)

here are my recolors: http://www.mediafire.com/?p8dzdw28sqfpaje

hugs, delia!

14 Walltattoos =)

Hey loved Sims-Community,

today i've 14 mixed walltattoos for you:

here they are (pictures are included in the .rar):

HERE are my recolors!

The Meshes by Aikea_Guinea are included, also the named recolors and the pics! :)

Hugs, Delia

20 Various Picture Recolors

Hey everyone,

here are my newest recolors

Mesh is included!

Mesh for aikea's halfheightwall painting is included
You need Freetime for the strawberry pic and Ikea Accessoires for the Ribba Painting

Mesh for both Pictures are included

Mesh for MsBarrow's Panorama Pics is not included, you can get them at tsr or at the booty
Mesh for Shoukeir's Painting 28 is included and for the two other Pics you need only Basegame.

Here are my Recolors

Hugs, Delia

PS: I'm moving on Monday and i'll begin a study in two weeks but i hope i can still make recolors! But maybe it takes more time to upload them, so be a little bit patient;)!

27 Various Recolors

Hi Everybody,

Here are my newest Recolors, it's a collection of everything:D In the package there 27 Recolors and i put them in separeted folders so you can delete which you didn't need...
Hope you enjoy the amount of different Recolors!

1. Recolor of Maxis' Chair (You need Seasons)
2. Recolor of Birgit43's Chair "Ingolf" (Mesh isn't included)
3. Recolor of Maxis' Counter (You need Seasons too)
4. Recolor of Jope's Living 7 Frames (Mesh is included)
5. Recolor of Lirunchik's Morgana Shelv (Mesh is included)
6. Recolor of Billyjean's Birdcage (Mesh is included)

7-10: Recolors of Thunderwitch's Sign (Mesh is included)
11: Recolors of Shakeshaft's Cottage Build Set (Mesh isn't included; Black Recolor is for all Doors & Windows)
12: Recolor of Shakeshaft's Sign (Mesh isn't included)

13-16: Recolors of Jonesi's Bedblanket (Mesh is included)

18. Recolor of Birgit43's Endtable white (Mesh isn't included)
19. Recolor of Lirunchik's Fogerton Rug (Mesh is included)
20. Recolor of Lirunchik's Fogerton Rug (Mesh is included)
21. Recolor of Birgit43's Endtable black (Mesh isn't included)
22. Recolor of Billyjean's Birdcage (Mesh is included)

23. Recolor of Jope's Living 5 Frame 1 (Mesh is included)
24. Recolor of ATS' Greenhouse closed black (Mesh is included)
25. Recolor of ATS' Greenhouse open brown (Mesh is included)
26. Recolor of ATS' Greenhouse closed brown (Mesh is included)
27. Recolor of ATS' Greenhouse open black (Mesh is included)

You can get every Mesh which isn't included at Habitat43 & TSR (or other sources;))

HERE is my huge Set

12 Recolors of Mira's Leyris Frames

Hi Everybody!

Here are my new Recolors, i love the Mesh and it was soo fun to make new Recolors of these amazing Frames! Thank you so much Mira for these adorable Frames!

Here are My Recolors and Mira's Mesh is also included

Hugs, Delia

Hi everyone!

Here is the second part of my Recolors of Cassandre's June Bazaar Pillow:

Here are my Recolors and the Mesh is by Cassandre and of course included!

Hugs, Delia

Good Evening my Friends!

Here are my new Recolors: 

Mesh by Cassandre is included and here are my Recolors!

Enjoy to use them:) Hugs to all, Delia